by doing.

A platform that helps learning happen where it belongs: on the job.

The Actionable Conversations approach is a deceptively simple, three stage process that happens on the job, around real issues your people are currently working through… in a little over an hour a month.

The Actionable

(One Month Timeline.)



Each participant tracks and measures their progress towards real behavior change through a simple, mobile-friendly tool.
The platform nudges the manager to have quick, meaningful interactions throughout the month, based on how each team member is progressing.
Peer accountability buddies help keep the participant on track with their commitments, giving them the support and encouragement they need.
Built-in reflection on behavior change and impact on the business. Completed by the participant, their leader and their accountability buddy.


Each month, managers lead their teams through 60 minute conversations. Each conversation uses one concept from a popular business book as a “lens” through which the team discusses a current business challenge. Even first time managers have everything they need to lead a robust conversation.


Change is hard. Focusing on one small improvement at a time makes it easier. Having some help makes it even easier.

Building off the group Conversation, each team member commits to a “micro-behavior change”; one small action they will do differently moving forward. The Actionable Engine (a web-based personal growth tracker your people can access from any device) helps them keep track of their progress.

Anyone who’s attempted to develop a workout habit knows the importance of having a buddy.

Tap into the power of Accountability Buddies through the Actionable Platform. Each person who commits to an action also chooses an Accountability Buddy; someone who will be notified and encouraged to check in with the person committed to action, to help keep them on track.


As a team leader, imagine having real time visibility into who’s struggling, who’s thriving and who’s checked out on your team. Think how much more effective you could be in your leadership conversations if you knew exactly who on your team needed your attention, and what to talk about.

As an organizational head, imagine the power of being able to see—quantifiably—who in your organization are driving real change… and who’s a flight risk. Real-time insight into your organization’s people, with the click of a button.