Culture is more than just a buzzword. It affects every member of your organization, at every level of the org chart. Because it’s everywhere, you can’t shift culture simply by issuing a memo or making an announcement—you can try, but it’s unlikely to create change throughout the entire organization.

Conversations are the backbone of your culture. Think about it: for every corporate announcement, there are water cooler discussions or private chats happening that reflect how teams really feel about the directive. If a team leader announces an open door policy, and then promptly keeps their office door closed, that’s the culture coming through (and you can bet there will be whispers about it throughout the team).

There are no shortcuts. To create a great culture, team leaders need to be having regular conversations with their teams (and not just about project updates). We have created a list of 8 types of conversations that will help team leaders connect with their teams, and influence the team culture for the better.



Download the 8 Essential Conversations Leaders Need to Have With Their Teams Infographic

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