From leadership styles to corporate culture, the rise of startups and the ubiquity of social media, the last 20 years has radically shifted the professional landscape. Those who embrace the new uncertainties thrive, while those who ignore them fall further behind. We’re exploring all elements of the new world of work, and sharing them here.

Creating Insight — Exploring the Aha Moment

This knowledge about creativity and insight can help us to work and lead in ways that create the conditions for greater creativity and innovation.

Ronni Hendel-Giller
Inspire Innovative Thinking — Get Creative to Get Results

Use these approaches to inspire innovative thinking with your team, and to stay ahead of the rapid shifts occurring in the business landscape.

Shawn Shepheard
Getting Lucky At Work and Beyond

“Luck” happens because the person has used a systematic approach to ensure progress toward their dreams and goals. It’s not as simple as just getting lucky.

Catherine Harrison
Infographic: Increase Agility By Creating A Learning Culture

Working to create a robust learning culture will help develop the skills required to increase agility and navigate a world of constant change.

Sara Saddington
Being Human — Why Robots Can’t Create Business Success

In my book Being Human, I challenge the notion that technical competence and a Robotic approach to Human Management still has a place in a Humanistic world.

Mark LeBusque
Take Immediate Action, Or Get Left Behind

Nothing moves people into immediate action quite like necessity. When the danger of NOT doing anything is strong, people are willing to try anything.

Shawn Shepheard
Organizational Agility: Thriving in a State of Constant Change

Organizational agility provides a competitive advantage. As organizations adopt initiatives to keep pace with change, success will hinge on agile teams.

Sara Saddington
Building a Curiosity Culture

We want to nurture a curiosity culture because it makes us more present to the journey, more creative, better at communicating alignment with each other, and more agile.

Morgan Toane
Why Executive Education Can’t Create a Learning Culture

I’ve seen countless organizations rely on executive education to deliver their learning and development initiatives. Here’s why that strategy can be frustratingly ineffective.

Ken Kesslin
Does Your Company Really Want to Build a Learning Culture?

Here are my top three tips to start to build a learning culture, right now. Start today, and the results will roll in sooner than you think.

Shawn Shepheard