how you buy.

Credits and Consulting Partners
are just two ways we’re improving
the learning industry.

Avoid subscription fatigue.

When we said we were reinventing learning for the 21st century, we didn’t mean just the format itself. Even our pricing has been designed with you in mind. Rather than signing your organization up for subscriptions that you may or may not use in any given month, we work on a “credit” model. Each time one of your teams holds an Actionable Conversation, it’ll cost you a credit (and includes all the behavior tracking and reporting related to that Conversation).

Purchase “credits” rather than monthly subscriptions. Don’t use a credit one month? No worries – they never expire and they’re fully transferrable within your organization.

The more credits you buy,
the cheaper they are.

And, because they never expire and you can transfer them inside your organization with a few clicks of the mouse, you can rest easy knowing that those credits will never go to waste.

  • Let’s have a conversation.

    Every client’s needs are different, which is why it’s important we connect you with the right person to have a conversation about how (and if) Actionable Conversations might be a good solution for you. To get that started, we just need a couple pieces of information from you:

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    Want to browse the consultant network yourself?

    We can appreciate that.They’re over here.
    And they’re very friendly.

    Find a Consultant

Now over 196 Partners strong.

Our Actionable Consulting Partner community is comprised of career consultants and coaches who have been trained and certified on the Actionable methodology. More than that, they bring an average experience of 11 years each in leadership and culture development, and a passion for the industry. This isn’t just a job for them; this is what they were born to do.

While you can’t purchase access to Actionable Conversations directly from us, we will play matchmaker in connecting you with the right seasoned professional for your organization’s unique needs. Tell us a little about yourself below, and we’ll make the introduction. As easy as that.

  • Want to get a sense of how much Actionable might cost?

    Every clients’ needs are different, particularly when it comes to onboarding, training and supporting your leaders in the early days of their Actionable journey.

    That in mind, we created this little cost calculator to give you a ballpark cost on bringing Actionable in house. You’ll want to speak with an Actionable Consulting Partner to work through the finer details.

    1. # of teams using Actionable (on an annual basis).

    2. Average # of people per team.

    3. Assumed level of support needed.


    Per Person:


    It’s also worth noting that this is an estimated annual investment. Most clients start with a 6-month pilot. 92% of them continue with a wider rollout, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.