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A metrics-driven platform.

Actionable is a metrics-driven platform for people and culture development. We understand most of the learning challenges your organization faces, and we’ve built Actionable to uniquely address them.

  • How are you measuring learning impact?

    Like all facets of business the more directly you can relate learning spend to financial gain, the easier it is to justify.

    If you’re still measuring learning impact by participant satisfaction or concept retention, you’ll have a tough time justifying substantial spend on new initiatives. Sure we all believe that people development is important, but wouldn’t it be better to have hard metrics around it?

    Through Actionable Conversations and the integrated Actionable Engine, you can track behavior change and direct business impact. Hard numbers in real time, and the insights to do something about it.

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  • The Kirkpatrick-Phillips Model for Evaluating Human Resource Development and Training

    Five layers of evaluating the impact of a training program. From top to bottom: ROI, Results, Behavior, Learning (Retention), (Participant) Satisfaction. The higher up the pyramid you can prove measurable results, the more valuable the training.

    Effectively, the higher on the pyramid that you can measurably show impact, the more attractive your offerings become.


Supercharge the 70 in your 70:20:10

Classroom and eLearning have their place, as does workplace coaching. But how are you driving on the job learning?


In most cases, it’s not the knowledge transfer or coaching that most organizations wrestle with. Instead, it’s the application of new concepts once a learner is back at work. Actionable Conversations drives application of “Actions”; small, measurable improvements over time and on-the-job.

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Content AND Context

Learning 21 things in a vacuum of offsite, day long learning isn’t setting your learners up for long term success.

The context of what we learn – how this matters to me and when I would apply it – is a crucial and sadly lacking component of most workplace learning initiatives. We’re all starved for time, and absolutely hammered by “content”. Your people need instantly applicable learning that helps them improve something they actually care about. At Actionable, this is all we do – provide teams and individuals with tools to help them better work through an already acknowledged pain.

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